Largest Knitted Fabric ProductionCapacity in North Africa.Largest Elastic Production Capacity in North Africa.End-to-end fabric solutions from yarn to printed fabric.7 Manufacturing facilities and 20+ years of fabric excellence.

Dice Textiles

has a wide range of offerings which include fabric knitting, fabric dyeing, fabric finishing, all-over fabric printing, elastic, draw-cord and socks production. The groups textile division was incepted in 2002 with 1 facility and has since grown to become a leader in the region with 7 facilities across Egypt. Approximately 40% of the division’s fabric and elastic capacity is directed towards Dice Apparel with the remaining capacity allocated as end-products towards export and local markets.

Total of
Spread across
Manufacturing facilities
Operating on
1.04M Sq ft
Owned Land
Team Of
90,000 KG
Daily Knitting Capacity
90,000 KG
Daily Dyeing Capacity
15,000 KG
Daily Printing Capacity
95,000 KG
Daily Finishing Capacity
300,000 Mtrs
Daily Elastic Capacity
Producation Capability
Our dedicated knitting department is equipped with 267 Weft Circular Knitting machines drawing the highest, most-modern standard of knitting technology available in the industry. We also operate Auto-stripe machines and Flat Knitting machines in our 10th of Ramadan facility. Manufacturers of our machinery are world-renowned brands Santoni, Mayer, Pilotelli, Monarch, Camber, Pai Long and Vigoni. Our machinery allows us to produce up to 90,000 KG of fabric per day giving Dice Textiles the largest capacity of knitted fabric production in the region. Our fabric collection includes Single Jersey, French Terrey, Fleece, Pique, Interlock, Body Size, Rib and more fabrications presenting a wide variety for our customers. Our technical know-how, strong quality system and plant capabilities have allowed us to develop trust and decade-lasting relationships with our main customers.
Our dyeing facilities are among the most reputable in the country due to the quality systems implemented, the use of latest machinery and the selective choice of dye stuff and chemicals. Our dye houses have a combined 68 dyeing production jets that range in capacity from 250 KG – 1500 KG and 16 sampling jets that range in capacity from 50KG – 100KG per batch. Our machinery allows us to dye up to 90,000KG per day, covering all the fabric requirements for our Apparel Division and having an excess capacity of 50,000 KG per day. All our older machinery has been terminated as we now rely solely on the newer production jets from Thies and Sclavos that have reduced liquor ratios from 1:12 to 1:5. This is in-line with the organizations sustainability strategy to reduce water consumption, gas consumption and chemical consumption and subsequently our carbon footprint.
Dice Textiles printing facility, Nadin Print, is equipped with strong design and production teams that allow us to execute the most difficult of prints. Our capabilities are wide as we offer Circular Rotary, Digital and Sublimation All-Over printing. Rotary Printing techniques include pigment, glitter, reactive, burn out, discharge, and disperse. Manufacturers of our Rotary machines are world-renowned brands Zimmer, Reggiani and NBK while our Digital printing machine is a 32-head new Regianni machine that can print an unlimited number of colors. The plant is also equipped with various fabric preparation and fabric finishing machinery that allow us to meet varying customer hand-feel and appearance requests. The plant complies with global quality and process standards and our water treatment unit ensures that hazardous chemicals are eliminated before water is released.
Our units are equipped with the latest fabric finishing technology that allow us to exceed global fabric quality standards. Dice Textiles operates 12 stenters from leading German machinery provider Monforts and Bruckner. Our stenters range in Chamber size from 5 to 8 chambers and are equipped with all the necessary add-ons. This gives us an open width finishing capacity of 80,000 KG per day, after accounting for necessary heat setting procedures for Lyra fabric production. Our closed-width finishing capacity is 40,000 KG per day as we operate 6 compacting machines make Tubetex and Santex and share 11 Santex dryers between closed and open-width finishing. Our facilities are also equipped with Singing, Slitting, Brushing, Sueding, Padding, Shearing and Compacting machinery that allow us to execute any of our customers request with ease.
Our state-of-the art elastic factory was incepted in 2018 and has a monthly production capacity of 8 million meters. The factory is equipped with allthe latest machinery from world-renowned Swiss group Jakob-Muller. Machinery includes 18 Jacquard machines producing elastics up to 65mm in width, 23 crochet machines and 13 woven machines producing elastics up to 70mm in width. The factory is also equipped with continuous elastic dyeing and finishing production lines as well as warding machinery. The groups integration into elastic production played a crucial role in distinguishing the quality of the products distributed by Dice Retail through our brand, Dice Underwear.
Our drawcord factory includes 48 circular drawcord machines producing flat and round knitted drawcords. The factory has a production capacity of 900,000 meters per month further adding to the depth of Dice Textiles offerings while supporting the supply-chain of our Apparel Division.
Dice Textiles operates a 96-machine socks factory producing 600,000 pairs of crew, anklets and liner socks per month. Machine brands include Lonati with linking system, San Jackman and Weihuan machines. The group intends to invest in growing the socks factory within the coming year enabling it to extend its reach in export markets.