Our units are equipped with the latest fabric finishing technology that allow us to exceed global fabric quality standards. Dice Textiles operates 12 stenters from leading German machinery provider Monforts and Bruckner. Our stenters range in Chamber size from 5 to 8 chambers and are equipped with all the necessary add-ons. This gives us an open width finishing capacity of 80,000 KG per day, after accounting for necessary heat setting procedures for Lyra fabric production.
Our closed-width finishing capacity is 40,000 KG per day as we operate 6 compacting machines make Tubetex and Santex and share 11 Santex dryers between closed and open-width finishing. Our facilities are also equipped with Singing, Slitting, Brushing, Sueding, Padding, Shearing and Compacting machinery that allow us to execute any of our customers request with ease.